A joy that can never be taken away

IF, as the sacred word taught us, honour to fellow-servants hath proof of goodwill toward the common Master, how can it be right to neglect honour to thee, who bore thine own Master?

How is it not to be most earnestly pursued? How then, of that same need, is this Envoy not to be honoured before breath, before life?

We might surely rather wish to share in this fashion a brand-mark, of our goodwill to the Master of our Household.

For what should I say to the Master? The most precious gift of thy memory is itself enough, for those who remember it with religious awe, for it has become the overflowing abundance of a joy that can never be taken from us.

St John Damascene (?676-749). First Homily On The Dormition Of The Blessed Virgin Mary. §14.