Christ crucified and risen in the spiritual life

BEHOLDING thee hanging, O Christ, she that bore thee cried out, What is this strange mystery which I behold, my son? How canst thou die upon a tree, pierced through the flesh, O thou who supplieth us with life?

Theotokion in the Order of the Holy Passion at Vespers on Great Thursday.

AT THIS point, such a man does not only desire the will of God, but he abandons this transitory life with joy for the sake of God and of his neighbour, in the wisdom, the indwelling, and the adoption of the holy Spirit, by being crucified together with Christ, and buried together with him, and raised together and taken up together with him, spiritually (νοερῶς), though imitation of him, indeed even as he leads his life in this world.

St Peter Damascene (?12th century). Introduction to his Treasury of Divine Knowledge, in the Philokalia.

THOU hast redeemed us from the curse of the law by thy precious blood: nailed to the cross, and pierced by the lance, thou didst become a springing well of incorruption unto men. Glory be to thee, our Saviour.

Kathisma, from the same service.