The power of the mysteries of Redemption

THE mystery of the Incarnation of the Word, carries the force of all the hints and shadows found in Scripture: and has relevance to all visible creatures. And he who understands the mystery of the cross and grave, understands the principles of what was foretold there.

But he who is initiated into the ineffable meaning of the resurrection, knows the ultimate purpose which God, ever leading the way, has made to underpin everything.

St Maximus The Confessor (?580-662). Two Hundred Chapters On Theology. First Century, No. 66.

GLORY be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the holy Spirit.

COME, O Bethlehem, prepare for the birth. Come, Joseph, and be enrolled with Mary. O most sacred manger! O swaddling clothes that carry God! There the Life was wrapped, even Christ our God, who shall tear to pieces the bands of death, and bind fast mortal men to incorruption.

Now and for ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

The Forefeast of the Nativity of Christ. Mattins, Canticle Nine.