Christ must increase, but we must decrease

HE who loves himself, is not able to love God. But he who does not love himself, on account of the overwhelming riches of the love of God (Eph 2:7), such a man loves God. And such a man never seeks his own glory, but that of God…

And so, if we ourselves would do as John the Baptist did, rejoicing in the glory of the Lord, let us begin to say ceaselessly: he must increase, but we must decrease (Jn 3:30).

Diadochos of Photiki (?400-?486), Ascetic Discourse, On Knowledge And Spiritual Discernment. Philokalia, Vol. I.

LET us crown in hymns of praise him who is called the greatest among the Prophets, who was chosen before the Apostles, the Forerunner of grace: for his very head was severed for the sake of the law of the Lord.

O THOU who didst baptise the Saviour, the brutal Herod grievously cut thee down, as thou didst tend the shoots of purity; yet in no wise had he the power to sever the judgments of thy tongue.

REVERED as she that hath quite swept away the curse upon the world in thy divine birth-giving, through thine intercessions O Lady, rescue thy flock, we implore thee trustingly, from all manner of dangers.

Exaposteilaria and Theotokion on the Feast of the Beheading Of St John The Baptist (August 29)