By the power of thy cross, have mercy upon us

BEHOLD the Bridegroom cometh in the midst of the night, and blessed is that servant whom he shall find watching; but again, unworthy the one he shall find idle at his labours.

Therefore see to it, O my soul, that thou art not brought low in sleep, lest thou shouldst be handed over to death, and be shut out of the kingdom: but come to thy right mind again, crying out Holy, holy art thou our God, and by the power of thy cross, have mercy upon us.

Three times. At the last repetition, finish instead with “through the Mother of God, have mercy upon us”.

THOU hast confirmed me upon the rock of faith, thou hast opened wide my mouth upon mine enemies; my spirit hath rejoiced in chanting: There is none holy as our God is holy, and there is none righteous but thou, O Lord.

Mattins of Great Wednesday (sung upon the Tuesday evening).