The fountain of wonders

THE FATHERS do not categorise people as moral and immoral or good and bad on the basis of moral laws. This division is superficial. At depth humanity is differentiated into the sick in soul, those being healed and those healed. All who are not in a state of illumination are sick in soul… It is not only good will, good resolve, moral practice and devotion to the Orthodox Tradition which make an Orthodox, but also purification, illumination and deification. These stages of healing are the purpose of the mystical life of the Church, as the liturgical texts bear witness.

John Romanides (1927-2001), as quoted by Metropolitan Hierotheos (Vlachos) of Nafpaktos, in “Orthodox Psychotherapy”. See more on Fr Romanides at OrthodoxWiki.


AS THOU art a divine river of mercy, as thou art a deep abyss of loving sympathy, O thou who art Compassionate, make known the divine streams of thy mercy, and heal us all: make the fountains of thy wonders to well up without reserve, and cleanse us all: for we always come running to thee in our fervour, to plead for grace.

Kathisma from the Office of Holy Oil. Used privately in any sickness, and publicly for all people on Great Wednesday.