The supreme blessing of being united to Christ

AND the Word became flesh. John 1:14

WE have considered the “saving” power of the Holy Name; we must now go further. In proportion as the Name of Jesus grows within us, we grow in the knowledge of the divine mysteries.

The Holy Name is not only a mystery of salvation, the fulfillment of our needs, the abatement of our temptations, the forgiveness of our sins.

The invocation of the Name is also a means of applying to ourselves the mystery of the Incarnation. It is a powerful means of union with Our Lord.

To be united to Christ is even more blessed than to stand before Him or to be saved through Him. Union is greater than presence and meditation.

Fr Lev Gillet (1893-1980), “The Jesus Prayer”, Chapter 6. Online text at Myriobiblios. More on Fr Gillet at OrthodoxWiki.


Κύριε Ιησού Χριστέ, Υιέ του Θεού, ελέησόν με τον αμαρτωλόν.
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.