An inexhaustible fountain of blessings

WHEN we climb the ladder of spiritual progress, we will never be able to stop ascending; for there is always a step above the step we occupy and there is no summit. We will march towards the infinite forever.

Man continuously becomes more spiritual and his spiritual food continuously increased, without his growth ever ending. Participation in the divine goodness is such that he who enjoys it becomes stronger and more receptive:

SUCH are the wonders that the participation in the divine blessings works: it makes him, into whom they come, larger and more receptive; from his capacity it gets for the receiver an actual increase in bulk as well, and he never stops growing.

The divine road is bright, but endless, and the fountain of blessings is exhaustible.

Panagiotis Christou, “Partakers of God”, Holy Cross Orthodox Press, Brookline Mass 1984. More at Myriobiblios.


GOING on from glory to glory, we praise Thee, the Saviour of our souls. Glory to Father, and Son, and Holy Spirit now and ever, and to all eternity. We praise Thee, the Saviour of our souls.

Going on from strength to strength, and having fulfilled all the divine service in Thy temple, even now we beseech Thee, O Lord our God, make us worthy of perfect loving-kindness; make straight our path: root us in Thy fear, and make us worthy of the heavenly kingdom, in Christ Jesus our Lord, with whom Thou art blessed, together with Thy all-holy, and good, and quickening Spirit, now and always, and for ever.

Liturgy of St James. See the whole service at CCEL.