Mother of God, nurse of our very Life

FROM the root of Jesse and the loins of David, Mary the child of God is born to us this day; wherefore all things together rejoice and are fashioned anew: heaven and earth rejoice in concert.

Praise her, O ye Gentile lands. Joachim is glad of heart, and Anna keepeth the feast, crying out: The barren beareth the Mother of God, and nurse of our Life.

Apolytikion for the Forefeast of the Nativity of the Mother of God. This hymn is sung to the melody of the Christmas chant, Joseph Was Seized With Wonder.


TODAY the virgin and Mother God, the inviolate bridal-chamber of the heavenly bridegroom, is born of she who is barren, according to God’s counsels; the chariot of the Word of God is prepared: for to this is the divine Gate and mother of true Life appointed.

Apolytikion on the same day. This is sung to the melody of the Christmas chant, Today the Virgin.