Morsels of paradise

Metropolitan Ierotheos (Vlachos) of Nafpaktos is speaking of a visit to Romania, and a five-day pilgrimage tour of Moldova, the epicentre of the great reforms of Romanian and Russian Orthodox monasticism led by Fr Paisios Velitskovski (1722-1794).

WE felt that blessed Paisios watched over us and blessed us, because we continuously read and spoke about him, but also that we had fellowship with one of his successors, the most blessed father Cleopa [Cleopa Ilie, 1912-1998], and we listened to his saying, “O that heaven would consume you!”.

In the end, we understood that it is necessary for us to approach holiness softly-softly, and that we eat “morsels” of Paradise little by little. In that way we can feel our presence in the Church, and understand the great treasures she possesses, and seek her motherly affection.

From Romfea.