A spring of love and joy

THE natural love of the soul is one thing, but the love which comes to it from the Holy Spirit is quite another.

For the love which comes from us, when we wish it, is moved in proportion to desire; for which reason, it is easily carried away by evil spirits when we do not keep a firm grip on our own chosen course.

But that other love so inflames the soul in the love of God, that every part of the soul is joined to the ineffable goodness of divine longing, in a certain innocent simplicity of disposition.

For as the eye of the heart has then come under the influence of this spiritual energy, it is pregnant, it bursts forth as a spring of love and joy.

Diodochos of Photiki, “Discourse on the Ascetic Life” ¶34, in the Philokalia.


THY good Spirit shall lead me in the straight path.

Communion Sentence, on the Feast of Pentecost.