Recovering our stolen spiritual riches

“ELDER, I haven’t learnt to love humility, sacrifice, accepting injustice…”

“It is not exactly as you say. I’m not worried, because I can see that a wholesome unease has entered into you. You will quickly rid yourself of these passions, because you have begun to recover yourself. This helps more than any other struggle. Whoever recovers himself, puts off his “old self” and enters into the right spiritual path. Our old self steals whatever the new creation does. When we learn to recover it, we catch all the thieves who rob us of whatever good it is that God gives us, and our spiritual wealth remains with us.

Elder Paisios the Athonite. Original at Γέροντες της εποχής μας.


O PHYSICIAN and aid of them that are in pain, O Redeemer and Saviour of them that are in sickness, O Master and Lord of all, grant healing to thine ailing servant: show thy compassion, be merciful to him that hath stumbled so many times, and redeem him from his faults, O Christ; that thou be glorified in thy divine power.

Service of the Holy Unction, performed publicly on Great Wednesday.