St Euphemia, a well-spring of wonders

GREATLY didst thou gladden the orthodox, and greatly didst thou put the unorthodox to shame, O Euphemia, noble virgin of Christ; for thou didst set the seal upon the Fourth Council, which the Fathers rightly defined. O glorious martyr, beseech Christ our God to vouchsafe unto us his great mercy.

Apolytikion (Tone 3) on the Feast of the Martyr St Euphemia.

IN thy contest, thou didst fight well for the prize; and after thy death thou dost sanctify us with thy well-spring of wonders, O thou who art All-Praised [Paneupheme]; whereof we do honour unto thy holy falling asleep, we who stand beside thy venerable relics in faith, that we might be delivered from sicknesses of the soul, and take every benefit of thy wonders.

Kontakion, sung to the melody “He that was lifted up upon the cross”. More texts at Αναλόγιον.

See Wikipedia and GOARCH for more on St Euphemia. Her martyrdom in about AD 304-307 is commemorated on September 16, but her miracle at the Fourth Ecumenical Council is celebrated on July 11.

The Fourth Ecumenical Council, which was held in the cathedral dedicated to Euphemia at Chalcedon in 451, restated that Jesus Christ is one Person made known in two Natures (divine and human), and that the Virgin Mary is properly styled “the Mother of God” (ἡ Θεοτόκος).