Glory to Christ, risen from the dead

FOR he is compassionate and merciful, long-suffering and full of mercy, and does good everlastingly; he has faithfully promised and gives to those who revere and worship him, and who love and keep his commandments, a heavenly kingdom, and a perpetual and painless life, and a life without death, and a light without evening for our delight.

St Gregory Palamas (1296-1359), “A New Testament Decalogue”, in the Philokalia, Vol. IV. See more on St Gregory at OrthodoxWiki.


COME receive the light from the Light that knows no evening, and glorify Christ who is risen from the dead.

THE angels sing hymns of thy resurrection, O Christ our Saviour; make us also that are upon earth worthy to glorify thee in purity of heart.

Glory be to the holy, consubstantial, life-giving and undivided Trinity, always, now and for ever and to the ages of ages.

At Mattins on Easter Day.