Precious cross, chrism of life

O THRICE-BLESSED and all-venerable Cross, we the faithful worship and magnify thee, rejoicing in thy exaltation. But as unconquerable trophy and weapon, do thou graciously keep watch over and look upon them that cry out to thee, Hail, blessed wood.

ANGELS from above invisibly encircle the life-bearing Cross in awe (three times).

AND now beholding a light-giving grace granted with brilliance unto believers, marvelling and standing tall they cry out to the Cross in such words as these:

Rejoice, O Cross, guardian of all the world: rejoice, O glory of the Church.
Rejoice, well-spring of bountiful healing: rejoice, thou that givest light unto the farthest bounds of the world.
Rejoice, O wood that bearest the chrism of life, and treasury of wonders: rejoice, thrice-happy to be made, benefactor of graces.
Rejoice, for thou art the divine footstool: rejoice, for thou art set forth for the worship of all.
Rejoice, brimming cup of nectar: rejoice, lampstand of the brightness from above.
Rejoice, thou by whom creation is blessed: rejoice, thou by whom the Creator is worshipped.

Rejoice, blessed Cross.

(Hairetismoi for the Exaltation of the Precious Cross. You can see another translation at the Akathists blog.)