The Holy Spirit administers all things in the Church

OUR Fathers, the Apostles – and indeed, Christ himself – who trained us to venerate the true God, knew very well, on the one hand, that the life of the Divine Spirit surpasses all worldly institutions, and, on the other, that this very Spirit creates a habitation for himself possessing within the confines of the earth certain contours which express the Spirit and are the vessel for the preserving of his gifts.

This wondrous dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit is the Church, which down the centuries – all so turbulent – has borne the precious treasure of Divinely-revealed Truth.

Archimandrite Sophrony Sakharov of Essex, “We Shall See Him As He Is” (tr. Rosemary Edmonds; Stavropegic Monastery of St John the Baptist, Essex, 1988), p. 95.


THE Holy Spirit administereth all things.

He bursteth forth with prophecy.
He bringeth priests to perfection.
He hath taught wisdom to the unlettered.
He hath appointed fishermen to be theologians.
He weldeth together every ordinance of the Church.

O THOU which art consubstantial with the Father and the Son, and sharest one throne together with them, O Comforter, glory be to thee.

At Vespers, for the Sunday of Pentecost.