None is unworthy, for Christ heals the eyes of the soul

HERE great care is necessary, that a man does not lose his courage, when he makes a mistake, inasmuch as there is, as we know, no such thing as an infallible life.

We hear many times men who say, But I am a sinner, and God does not listen to me, But I am a sinner, and I don’t have the courage, and can’t manage such things: I am not worthy.

All these things are convenient excuses, but such things don’t apply. God came for the sake of sinners. The subject of unworthiness is not raised.

The more unworthy the man, the greater his need to flee to God, and the more that God comes to be with him, because as he said, he came for the sick, not for the healthy.

Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi (1946-2009). Read the original at Γέροντες της εποχής μας. There are some videos of the Elder and a short biography on my Elder Joseph page.


O CHRIST, I turn unto thee the utterly maimed eyes of my soul, as did the man born blind (Jn 9), crying out unto thee in repentance: To them that are in darkness, thou art the Light of surpassing radiance.

RAISE up my soul, O Lord, marvellously set free, which lay in sins of all kinds, and wicked deeds, just as thou didst once raise up the paralysed man (Mk 2:1-12); that being wholly healed, I might cry: O compassionate Christ, glory to thy kingly power.

Service of Holy Oils. It is used in private at any time, and in public on Great Wednesday.