Entrust yourself to God

A PERSON who keeps track of Divine blessings, learns to make himself dependent on Divine Providence. And later on, he feels himself to be like a babe in his crib, who, as the minute his mother leaves him, begins to cry and does not stop until she runs back to him. It is a great deed – to entrust yourself to God!

When I had just come to the Stomion Monastery, I had nowhere to live. The whole monastery was filled with construction litter. I found one corner near the fence, covered it somewhat on top and spent the nights sitting there, because I could not fit lying down. […] If the Mother of God brought me here, then can it be, that when the time comes, She will not take care of Her monastery?

And truly, little by little, how the Most Holy Theotokos arranged everything! I remember, how craftsmen poured the concrete for the ceiling span in the burnt cells, the cement was almost gone and there was still a third of the span to pour. The craftsmen came to me and said: “The cement is running out. We have to put more sand in the concrete and less cement, for there to be enough to concrete to pour everything.”

“No, — I told them, — do not thin it out, continue as you were.” It was impossible to bring more cement, because all the mules were in the field. The craftsmen would have to walk two hours to Konits, then two more to the field to look for the mules’ grazing land. They would lose so much time… And then these people had their own things to do, they could not come another day. I saw: they had poured 2/3 of the span. I went into the church and said: “My Queen, what now?! I ask You, help us!” Then I left the church…

—And then what, Geronda?
—They finished the span, and there was leftover cement!
—Did the craftsmen understand?
—Of course they understood! How great sometimes is the help of God and the Most Holy Theotokos!

Elder Paisios the Athonite. See Bishop Alexander.


Today (October 1) is the Feast of the protection of the Mother of God. This commemorates an occasion in the early 10th century, when the Blessed Virgin appeared to St Andrew the Fool-for-Christ (870-936) weeping tears, and spread her veil over the congregation present as a sign of her concerned protection of all Christians.

WE raise our hymns unto the grace of thy protection, O Virgin, which thou hast spread out upon all them that were gathered in thy all-venerable church, the wonder which amazes every mind: that thy divine veil, O August One, be ever spread out everywhere upon thy faithful, bearing lightning in its radiance. We give thanks for thy deliverance, O Pure One, we give thanks for thy divine protection, we give thanks for thy concern for us, thou who alone art All-immaculate.

From the Feast in the Menaion.

There is a translation of an Akathist of the Protection of the Mother of God here.