There shall they see me

THEN said Jesus unto them, Be not afraid: go tell my brethren that they go into Galilee, and there shall they see me. Matt 28:10


AND we shall be enabled to delight in the joy of his resurrection only if we now occupy ourselves in crossing over [i.e. going into ‘Galilee’] from the corruption of vice to the works of virtue.

Whence it is a matter of utmost concern, my brethren, that because we are aware of the time of the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, inasmuch as we are celebrating his feast, let us cross over by the continual practice of good works to a heavenly contemplation of him; because we are ignorant of the time of our own resurrection (which eventuality we cannot however by any means avoid), let us all of us, and on this special night too, keep our anxious vigils in expectation of him.

Let us plead for his mercy, who so soon transcended wonderfully the death he humbly took upon himself for our sake, that he might grant us at the time of our resurrection to cross over from death to life.

Let us ask him, who is Christ sacrificed for our Passover, to make us worthy to pass through the celebrations of Paschal joy now beginning, and by them to attain to everlasting joy.

St Bede, Homily IV.


GLORY be unto thy resurrection, O Lord.


Let us cleanse our senses, and in the unapproachable light of the resurrection we shall see Christ blaze forth, and we shall clearly hear him say “Rejoice!”, as we sing the triumphal song.

LET the heaven  exult, as is right; let the earth rejoice. Let the world keep the feast, visible and invisible all; for Christ hath been raised, who is our everlasting joy.

Easter Day, in the Pentecostarion.