God’s ceaseless vigilance

HOW God keeps guard over the world, and we do not understand it!

At one time, I remember, when our parents went to the fields, they would leave us many times with a neighbouring lady to watch over us along with her own children. But that was a time when children were balanced. The neighbour kept an eye open, and went about her labours and we played quietly.

So too Christ, the Panagia, the saints at one time kept one eye on the world. Today, Christ and the Panagia and the Saints have one eye here, one eye there, because people are not balanced. Now there is such a state of affairs… God preserve us!

It is like a mother who has two or three problem children, one a little dim, one a bit cross-eyed, one a bit perverse, and had also one or two of her neighbour’s to watch over, and one of them is after climbing up high and at risk of falling down, another is after getting a knife to cut its own throat, yet another to go and do something bad to someone else, and she has to be ceaselessly on the watch, to monitor them, in such a way that they don’t understand her suspense.

So it is that the world does not understand the help of God. With such dangers which exist within it today, it would have been crippled had God not helped. But we have God for a father, and the Panagia for a mother, the Saints and Angels as siblings, who protect us.

Elder Paisios the Athonite. Original at Γέροντες της Εποχής Μας.


WE seek refuge beneath thy compassionate heart, O Mother of God. Do not neglect our petitions in these straitened times, but release us from dangers, O thou who alone art pure, alone blessed.

My help is the Father, my refuge is the Son, my protection the Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, glory be to thee.

My every hope I place in thee, O Mother of God, keep me safe under thy protection.

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