The Bride’s dowry is an imperishable crown

JUST as the bride before the marriage ceremony accepts only a ring from the bridegroom, but after the marriage expects to receive the agreed presents and the gifts promised in respect of her, so too the Bride which is the Church of the faithful, and the soul of each one of us, first of all receives from the Bridegroom Christ only the ring of the Holy Spirit; but she expects to receive the eternal goods and the heavenly kingdom after her journey hence, which is assured to her through the ring; showing her these things secretly, as in a mirror, and confirming the things agreed with her Master and God.

Symeon the New Theologian. His feast day is on March 12, but because this is always in Lent, he is sometimes commemorated today on October 12 too.

Symeon was originally “Symeon the New” to distinguish him from an earlier Symeon, and was further surnamed “the Theologian” later. I suppose his name is really Symeon, the New, the Theologian.


BRETHREN, let us love the Bridegroom, let us make ready our lamps, shining out in the virtues and in right faith, so that imitating the wise virgins of the Lord, we shall enter prepared with him into the marriage; for the Bridegroom, being God, presents to all the gift of an imperishable crown.

Mattins on Great Tuesday.