The healing arts

Today, the Sunday on or immediately after the eleventh day of October, we commemorate the Seventh Ecumenical Council (AD 787), which defended the veneration of icons as a proper and indeed essential part of Christian liturgical life.

THERE is a trend nowadays to chant in a Byzantine way, to make icons in a Byzantine manner, to build churches according to Byzantine architecture, etc. This is good. Yet, it must be done in parallel with the effort to find and use the therapeutic treatment of the Church. For, liturgical arts as well as the entire teaching of the Church are the expression of this inner life.

Metropolitan Hierotheos (Vlachos) of Nafpaktos. From “The Illness And Cure Of The Soul In The Orthodox Tradition”. Much of it is online at the Pelagia monastery.


DECORATED now with shining images the churches are made beautiful; and so the world, through the churches, sings to the beauty far above all mortals, together with those who sing: Blessed is the God of our Fathers.

At Mattins, translation from Fr Ephrem at Anastasis.