A good word

A Good Word. Alleluia.

MY heart has uttered a good Word.
Hail, all-praised Queen of all, Mother of our God. Alleluia.

I tell my works to the King.
Hail, Queen of Angels, Sovereign of the world. Alleluia.

My tongue is the pen of ready writer.
Hail, proclamation of the Prophets, glory of Patriarchs. Alleluia.

You are lovely with a beauty beyond the sons of men.
Hail, pure Virgin, Sovereign Lady, Bride of God. Alleluia.

Grace has poured from your lips.
Hail, spotless, undefiled, incorrupt, All-holy. Alleluia.

Therefore God has blessed you for ever.
Hail, hope of those without hope, and help of those embattled. Alleluia.

Gird your sword on your thigh, mighty warrior.
Hail, full of grace. The Lord is with you, and through you with us. Alleluia.

In your splendour and beauty.
Hail, blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. Alleluia.

Draw your bow and prosper, and reign.
Hail, Virgin Mother of God, blessed among women. Alleluia.

In the cause of truth and meekness and justice.
Hail, Mary, Lady of us all, the Lord of powers is with you. Alleluia.

Psalm 44, sometimes used in this fashion (with the verses “farced” with refrains to the Panagia) instead of Psalm 134, at Mattins on feasts of the Mother of God.

This translation is from Anastasis.