A tug on the curtain

WE must not approach Christ out of fear of how we will die and of what will become of us.

Rather, we must open out hearts to Him, as when we tug at a window curtain and the sun immediately shines in. In this way Christ will come to us, that we might truly love Him. This is the best way.

Elder Porphyrios, +1991. H/T Word From The Desert. More on Elder Porphyrios on my dedicated Page.


ALL-HOLY Trinity, consubstantial Might, indivisible Kingship, Cause of all blessings, be favourable even to me a sinner; strengthen and give understanding to my heart and rid me of every defilement; enlighten my mind, that I may ever glorify, praise, worship and say: One is Holy, one is Lord, Jesus Christ, to the glory of God the Father. Amen.

At the Ninth Hour. Original at Analogion, translation from Anastasis.