Fragrant incense, myrrh of great price

Panagia Paramythea, myrrh-bearing icon at the Vatopaidi Monastery on Mount Athos

WITH the small icon we sent to your little daughter, I also added my own prayer rope and a little cotton with myrrh of our Panagia, which come from here in our skete, a little icon of hers. We take it ourselves, whenever we see that it is being secreted.

From a letter of January 2 1984, by Elder Joseph Vatopaidinos, which you can read at Γεροντες από της Εποχής Μας.


HAIL, treasure‑house of purity, through whom we have been raised from our fall! Hail, Sovereign Lady, lily (Song of Songs 2:1-2) whose sweet scent perfumes the faithful; fragrant incense and myrrh of great price (Jn 12:3). […]

Let us stand with reverence in the house of our God, and let us cry aloud, ‘Hail, Sovereign Lady of the world! Hail, Mary, Lady over all! Hail, you who alone are blameless and fair among women! Hail, vessel that received the inexhaustible Myrrh, emptied out upon you!

Akathist Hymn. Translation from Anastasis.