All things have been filled with light

Liturgy on Mount Athos

NOW have all things been utterly filled with light, both heaven and hearth, and the places beneath; wherefore, let all creation celebrate the feast, the rising of Christ, in which it hath been established.

Yesterday, I was being buried with thee, O Christ; today in thy resurrection: yesterday, I was being crucified with thee, glorify me together with thee, O Saviour, in thy Kingdom.

COME, let us drink a new draught, not brought wonderfully from a barren rock, but the fount of incorruption, raining down from the tomb of Christ, in which we are being established.

Christ is risen! (three times)

Risen from the tomb, as he foretold, Jesus gave unto us everlasting life and great mercy.

Troparion, Paschal Canon. Text at Analogion.