Cling thou closely to Me

I AM father, saith Christ (Jn 14:9-11),
I am brother (Rom 8:29), I am bridegroom (Mt 9:15),
I am dwelling place (1 Jn 2:27), I am food (Jn 6:51), I am raiment (Gal 3:27),
I am root, I am foundation (Eph 2:20; 1 Pet 2:6):
all whatsoever thou desirest, I am.

Be thou in need of nothing (Phil 4:6).
I will be even a servant (Phil 2:7),
for I came to minister, not to be ministered unto (Mk 10:45);
I am friend (Jn 15:13-15), and member (Rom 12:5), and head (Col 1:18),
and brother, and sister, and mother (Mt 25:40);
I am all, only cling thou closely to Me.

I was poor for thee (2 Cor 8:9), and a wanderer for thee,
on the cross for thee (Rom 5:8), in the tomb for thee (1 Pet 3:18-22);
above, I intercede for thee (Rom 8:34; Heb 7:25);
on earth, I am come for thy sake
an ambassador from My father (Jn 12:49).

Thou art all things to Me:
brother, and joint heir, and friend, and member.

What wouldest thou more?

From St John Chrysostom’s 76th Homily on the Gospel of St Matthew. Taken from the website of the parish of St John Chrysostom, House Springs, Missouri, USA.

Today is the Feast of St John Chrysostom. Although he died on September 14, his memory is celebrated today because we celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on the anniversary day of St John’s repose.

St John Chrysostom gave his name to the Communion service of the Orthodox Churches. In the synaxis (“gathering”) of the liturgy, the Body of Christ is most visibly and invisibly himself, the living and personal presence of Christ, our everlasting Joy abiding among us, indeed in us and in our brethren, and we in him.


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