The theologian soul

An icon of the Panagia

The Panagia, true Theologian

EACH of the faithful is called to become a “theologian soul”. By the Cross of Christ, the thief comes to know repentance and becomes a theologian: “Rejoice, O Cross, through which in an instant the thief was recognised as a theologian, crying: Remember me, Lord, in Thy Kingdom” [Wednesday of the Second Week in Lent] …

JUST as the Virgin Mary is not simply concerned with the worship of God on an intellectual level, but through her absolute purity and obedience make the Word incarnate at the coming of the Holy Spirit and becomes the true Mother of God, so also the Fathers, by their obedience and by receiving the spiritual illumination of the Holy Spirit, become God-bearers and express through their lives and make known the Word of God: they become truly theologians.

Archimandrite Vasileios, in “Hymn Of Entry” (1984, pp. 23, 24)


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