St Nephon: Don’t open your ears to a person who judges

St Niphon the Wonderworker of Constantia

St Nephon the Wonderworker of Constantia

Today is the feast day of St Nephon the Wonderworker of Constantia, a fourth century saint consecrated to the See of Constantia on Cyprus by Patriarch Alexander of Alexandria. See Ohrid for more.

MY child, if you want to live amongst people, you must watch the following: Do not criticize anyone at all; do not ridicule anyone; do not become angry; do not despise anyone.

Be very careful not to say ‘so-and-so lives virtuously,’ or ‘so-and-so lives immorally,’ because this is exactly what ‘judge not’ means. Look at everyone in the same way, with the same disposition, the same thought, with a simple heart.

Accept them as you would accept Christ. Don’t open your ears to a person who judges.

St Nephon the Wonderworker (4th century; see Ohrid). Source: Orthodox Christian.


O LORD, have mercy upon those who laugh at me, who speak ill of me, or hate me, or do me evil.

Thou knowest, O Lord, that the evil one urges them into filthy living and debauchery, so that he might incite me also every day to grieve your holy Name.

Thus I beseech thee, Almighty Father,God and Lord of mercy, bend with compassion upon those men that think evil toward me, and make all of them shining lights, all of them great saints.

Give them goodness, O Lord, and meekness. Grant them peace, O my Master and illumination, and make them worthy to enjoy thy eternal glory, for thou art good and lovest mankind.

A Prayer of St Nephon, from the book Άγιος Νήφων Κωνσταντιανής -Ένας ασκητής επίσκοπος (pp. 132-133), at Γέροντες της Εποχής Μας.


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