Resplendent, dazzling, transformed

Hail, glorious virgin mother!

Hail, glorious virgin mother!

HAIL, Queen, glorious virgin mother;
For every fluent, every eloquent mouth
With oratory has not the strength to sing you worthily;
But every mind is dizzy when it seeks to understand
Your giving birth; therefore with one accord we glorify you.


It is right to tell of the Maiden who produced life;
For she alone concealed in her round womb the Word,
Who heals the sick nature of mortals;
Who now, seated on the throne on the right hand
Of the Father, has sent the grace of the Spirit.

On as many as the grace which flows from God has breathed,
We – resplendent, dazzling, transformed,
With a strange, most glorious transformation –
Have come to know the Essence of equal might, indivisible,
Wise, of triple radiance; and we give glory.

At Pentecost. Original at Analogion. This translation is by Archimandrite Ephrem Lash at Anastasis. I’ve very slightly tweaked troparion two.

This prayer is one of a series recommended for memorisation and use in private prayer by Elder Joseph the Hesychast in his letters.


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