Worldly wisdom must put on the grace of God

Archbishop Hieronymos of Athens

Archbishop Hieronymos of Athens

THE wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

James 3:17


Archbishop Hieronymos II of Athens (see Biography) recently gave a homily during the Divine Liturgy, in which he spoke of the urgent need for human wisdom to be adorned with the grace of God.

The website of the Archdiocese reported his words like this (my translation):

“WHEN human wisdom meets the grace of God, then the miracle takes place”.

“How many of us are there, who have not come across wise people who with diplomas and doctoral diplomas miss the mark in their lives, or were harmful to the world.”

“What we need” he added “is for worldly wisdom to be adorned with the grace of God”.

As his Beatitude indicated, many parents in the past influenced their children very positively, despite having no diplomas and doctorates.

“How many are they who do not say, that what I gained in this life I owe to my homely mother or homely father, who brought me up?” he ended. “These people combine experience, wisdom, along with the grace of God.”

By way of conclusion, his Beatitude reiterated that the crisis which we are going through is spiritual. “Man has altered, he has become egomaniac and egocentric, a man of indulgence” he noted.



THE company of the Apostles having drawn from the source an abyss of spiritual wisdom, dried up all the streams of this world’s wisdom and watered all the assemblies of the devout.

Groan and weep, my lowly soul, and cry out to the Lord, saying, ‘I have sinned against you, compassionate Master, be merciful to me at the supplications of your Apostles’.

Flowing torrents of passions have brought about the fall of the house of my heart. O Apostles, the rivers of the Spirit, I have been crushed; refashion me into life.

Thursday Matins. Translation from Anastasis.


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