Zacchaeus sought him, Zacchaeus desired Him

St Nikolai Velimirovic

St Nikolai Velimirovic

“TODAY, salvation has come to this house” said the Lord upon entering the house of Zacchaeus the sinner [Luke 19:9].

Christ was the salvation that came and Zacchaeus was the house into which He entered.

Brethren, each one of us is a house in which sin dwells as long as Christ is distant and to which salvation comes when Christ approaches it.

Nevertheless, will Christ approach my house and your house? That depends on us.

Behold, He did not arbitrarily enter the house of the sinner Zacchaeus, rather He entered as a most desired guest.

Zacchaeus of little stature climbed into a tree in order to see the Lord Jesus with his own eyes. Zacchaeus, therefore, sought him; Zacchaeus desired Him.

We must also seek Him in order to find Him and desire Him in order that He would draw nearer to us and, with our spirit, to climb high in order to encounter His glance.

Then He will visit our house as He visited the house of Zacchaeus and with Him salvation will come.

Draw near to us O Lord, draw near and bring to us Your eternal salvation. To You be glory and thanks always. Amen.

St Nikolai Velimirovic, at Proslavie.


You could make a parallel between Zacchaeus climbing his tree to rise above the crowd, with the soul’s ascent from earthly things to behold Christ with the eye of the heart.

WE who desire wholly the divine glory, let us cut away the fog of what is earthly and fleshly, as raised high above earth we ascend mount Thabor; and let us hasten to be found worthy to share with Moses and Elias and the princes of the Apostles in the divine and unapproachable radiance, receiving light by light. […]

COME, let us ascend the holy mountain and let us look upon the all-shining Transfiguration of the Lord, as we faithfully worship him and say: You alone are our God, who became incarnate and made the human divine.

Forefeast of the Holy Transfiguration (August 5). Translation from Anastasis.


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