Haste to the clean springs and meadows of Scripture

A monk of Mount Athos

A monk of Mount Athos

HOW sweet are thine oracles to my throat! more so than honey to my mouth!

Psalm 118(119):103.


LET us come to our senses, brethren, let us wake up, let us shake off the sleep of negligence and let us reflect on the disaster which sin has brought us, and brings us. [On this, see St Bede.]

Let us run to the pure springs and meadows of the divine Scriptures.

There let us learn how to love our neighbour, and even our enemy too.

How to be merciful to the poor, how to be humble, meek, etc..

If we read the divine Scriptures  eagerly, we will become all the better as men, as Christians. […]

Man follows God, when he performs his commandments, when he studies and applies the law of God day and night.

“Thy law is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my steps”. The law of God, which the Christian studies, becomes for him a light on the path he treads to everlasting life.

It is necessary in this that we study the law of God, that we be illumined and that we tread the path of the truth, of salvation, and of everlasting life…

We should not, however, study only, but also apply the things we read, humbly beseeching that the grace of God will strengthen us in accomplishing them

St Philotheos Zervakos of Paros (1884-1980), “Towards Understanding the Holy Scriptures, the God-given Book of Our Salvation”. Original at The Holy Monastery of the Almighty, Thessaloniki.


THY law is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my paths. I have sworn and determined to keep the judgments of thy righteousness.

I have been very greatly afflicted, O Lord: quicken me, according to thy word.

Accept, I pray thee, O Lord, the freewill-offerings of my mouth, and teach me thy judgments. My soul is continually in thine hands; and I have not forgotten thy law.

Sinners spread a snare for me; but I erred not from thy commandments. I have inherited thy testimonies for ever;

for they are the joy of my heart.


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