Grant rest, O Christ, unto the souls of thy servants

Ektenia (Litany) during a Panikhida

Ektenia (Litany) during a Panikhida

Today is one of the year’s several general commemorations of those who have reposed in the Lord, known as a “Saturday of Souls” (see Wikipedia).

A commemoration on the day before Judgment (Meatfare) Sunday is one of the most widely practised throughout the Orthodox Churches.

It is normal to hold a Panikhida, a liturgy of memorial for the dead, at which koliva is served to the congregation, a sweet, dry dessert of wheat berries which can sometimes be highly decorated.


BLESSED is he whom thou hast chosen and adopted; he shall dwell in thy courts; we shall be filled with the good things of thy house.

Psalm 64(65):4


ALLELUIA. (three times)

Sticheron. BLESSED are they whom thou hast chosen, and whom thou hast adopted, O Lord.

Alleluia. (three times)

Sticheron. And their memory is from generation to generation.

Alleluia. (three times)


GRANT rest, O Christ, among the saints, unto the souls of thy servants, where there is neither pain, nor grief, nor groaning, but life without end.

At Matins on Meatfare Saturday. Original text at Analogion.


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