Draw him with longing

Christ the Giver of Light

Christ the Giver of Light

SO my child, do not cease crying out the name of Christ.

At every breath meditate on his divine name.

Even if your mind wanders, don’t worry, because this continuous meditation and your constant longing to seek him will draw him to come on his own to see you.

Then a refreshing spring will gush forth from your heart, crying, “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me!”

And then you will rejoice unceasingly at the voice and sweetness of Christ the Master.

Elder Joseph the Hesychast, in “Monastic Wisdom”, p. 320. Available at Skete.


O SWEETEST Master, our Lord Jesus Christ,
send forth thy holy grace and loose me from the bonds of sin.

Lighten the darkness of my soul
that I might fully understand thy boundless mercy, and love
and worthily give thanks to thee, my sweetest Saviour,
who art worthy of all love and thanks.

Yea, my good Benefactor and Lord, all-pitying tenderness,
Do not take thy mercy from me, but be moved with pity towards what thou hast made.

I know, O Lord, the weight of our transgressions,
but I have also seen thine inexhaustible mercy.

I behold the darkness of my unfeeling soul,
but I trust in a good hope, I look to thy divine illumination,
and to deliverance from my wicked evil deeds, and ruinous passions.

At the intercessions of thy sweetest Mother,
our Lady, the Birth-giver of God, and ever-Virgin Mary,
and of all the saints.


Elder Joseph the Hesychast. Original at the website of the Church of St Nicholas, Thebes, Greece.


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