Save and help us, All-holy Virgin

Mary, Ever-Virgin Mother of God

Mary, Ever-Virgin Mother of God

AS I called to mind the measureless wealth of your sympathy and the invincible might of your power,

beset by trouble and in dread despair, I ran to your protection;

crying with tears from the depths of my heart, I cry to you Virgin Mother of God,

Save me, save the unworthy!’

Thursday Matins.


For some remarks by Elder Cleopa Ilie on calling on the Mother of God for protection and deliverance, see my page The Protection of the Mother of God.


Throughout Lent, we sing the Akathist Hymn to the Mother of God, and the Salutations (Χαιρετισμοί).

TO you my Champion and Commander I your city, saved from disasters, dedicate, O Mother of God, hymns of victory and thanksgiving; but as you have unassailable might, from every kind of danger now deliver me, that I may cry to you:

Hail, Bride without bridegroom!

O MOTHER, all praised,
who gave birth to the Word,
the Holiest of all Holies,* [Three times]
accepting our present offering,
deliver us all from every disaster
and rescue from the punishment to come
those who cry out together,


Salutations from the Akathist Hymn to the Mother of God, and Small Compline. Translations from Anastasis (Salutations; Small Compline).

*The “Holy of Holies” was the most sacred inner sanctuary of the Jerusalem Temple, and the hidden place where the unapproachable glory of God dwelt among his people. The Panagia is the Holiest of all Holies, because Emmanuel (God-with-us) dwelt in her womb among his people.


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