Hail, shining revelation of grace

Icon of the Mother of God

Icon of the Mother of God

Friday March 25 2011 is the Feast of the Annunciation, when Gabriel brought his message to Mary.


ALWAYS have the Holy Gospel in your pocket, and when you find a brief opportunity, read an excerpt.

Thus Christ gives you light and guides you towards His commandments. He completes your love and guides you to imitate Him.

Cry out to His dear Mother constantly, read the Salutations, and she will protect you. She will always guard you from every evil.

Acquire copies of the book The Way of a Pilgrim and distribute them to our Christian brothers so that they may benefit spiritually.

Always have a little icon of the Panagia in your shirt, and venerate it when you go to sleep.

The more you love her, the more she will love you.

And whenever you cry out to her in difficult times, you will feel her help and consolation appreciably. She always intercedes unceasingly for all children who cry our fervently to her.

Elder Joseph the Hesychast (+1959), in “Monastic Wisdom”, p. 325. You can find Monastic Wisdom and the “The Way of a Pilgrim” at Skete.com.


The Salutations, which are said on the Fridays of Lent (and weekly or daily in some monasteries), can be found online at Anastasis. A translation in Church English with sheet music (Russian-style chant) can be found here (PDF file).


GOD’S coming in the flesh the Shepherds heard the angels praising.
And hastening as to a shepherd, they see him as a spotless lamb being pastured in the womb of Mary.
Praising her they said:

HAIL, mother of the Lamb and Shepherd,
Hail, fold of spiritual sheep.

Hail, defence against unseen foes.
Hail, key that opens the doors of Paradise.

Hail, for things in heaven exult with earth,
Hail, for things on earth rejoice with heaven.

Hail, never-silent voice of the Apostles,
Hail, never-conquered courage of the Champions.

Hail, firm foundation of the Faith,
Hail, shining revelation of Grace.

Hail, you through whom Hell was stripped bare,
Hail, you through whom we were clothed with glory.

Hail, Bride without bridegroom!


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