Let all Creation join us as we sing our farewell hymns


TODAY he who hung the earth upon the waters is hung upon a Tree, (x3)

He who is King of the Angels is arrayed in a crown of thorns.
He who wraps the heaven in clouds is wrapped in mocking purple.
He who freed Adam in the Jordan receives a blow on the face.
The Bridegroom of the Church is transfixed with nails.
The Son of the Virgin is pierced by a lance,.

We worship your Sufferings, O Christ. (x3)

Show us also your glorious Resurrection.


The crucifixion of Jesus, from an icon in the Stavronikita monastery, Mount Athos

The crucifixion of Jesus, from an icon in the Stavronikita monastery, Mount Athos

The following verses come from Matins on Holy and Great Saturday, properly served at one o’clock in the morning, but in parishes generally moved to the evening of Friday. For some reflections on the Epitaphios service, see “Before the Epitaphios” by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk.

EACH generation offers,
my Christ, for your entombment
in hymns and songs its praises.

Look upon me and have mercy upon me according to the judgement of those who love your name.

The Noble Joseph takes you
down from the Tree, my Saviour,
and in the tomb he lays you.

Direct my steps according to your word, and do not let iniquity lord it over me.

Myrrh-bearing Woman came then,
providently bringing
to you, O Christ, the sweet myrrh.

Deliver me from the slander of men, and I shall keep your commandments.

Let all Creation join us,
as to the Creator
our farewell hymns we now sing.

Make your face shine on your servant and teach me your statutes.

For the complete service in English, see Anastasis.


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