O repose of all things, O well-spring of marvels

Below is a prayer from today’s liturgy that encapsulates so much of the Orthodox Way.

It doesn’t particularly ask for anything. It simply revels in paradox (which it has no desire to probe) and uncomplicatedly relates Christ’s acts of love.

It is really just returning some of that love. “Thine own, of thine own, we offer unto thee”.


THOU didst toil in the flesh, O repose of all things. Thou didst thirst willingly, O well-spring of marvels. Thou didst seek after water, O promised living water, O Jesus.

O Lord, even as thou wast conversing with the woman of Samaria, thou shewedst forth the folly of the Hebrews: for she believed that thou art the Son of God, but they denied it.

Leaping, living water, water of immortality, O ever-living well-spring, didst thou promise to give to them that by faith await thy Spirit, O Saviour who hast come forth from the Father.

St Patrick's Well near Patterdale, CUmbria. © Tony Peacock, Geograph. Used under licence.

St Patrick's Well near Patterdale, Cumbria. It is said to stand on the site where St Patrick baptised in the 5th century, though it is generally felt that it was a practice of a century or two later. © Tony Peacock, Geograph. Used under licence. Click for original.

THOU nourishedst thousands of hungry men with five loaves, O Saviour, and of the surfeit gavest the morsels that remained to other countless others, shewing thy glory to thy sacred disciples.

He that eateth thy bread shall live for ever, and he that drinketh thy blood, O my Saviour, abideth in thee, and thou abidest in him; and in the moment of final victory shalt thou raise him up.

THOU hast magnified thy saving acts, O Master, thou hast trustworthily proved thy divine authority in wonders; being God, thou hast driven out diseases, thou hast raised the dead, thou hast given light to the blind.

Thou didst cleanse the lepers, thou didst set the lame upright, thou didst knit together again them that were sick of the palsy, thou didst heal them that had an issue of blood; thou didst walk upon the sea, shewing thy glory to thy sacred disciples.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

WE worship, O Lord, thy Father beyond time, and the grace of the Spirit, which being God thou didst apportion to thy Apostles, sending them out unto the preaching.

Both now and forever, and to the ages of ages.


THOU didst contain in thy womb the Word who cannot be contained, thou didst suckle upon thy breasts him that feedeth the world. Thou didst bear in thy embrace him that provideth for us, O pure mother of God.

Matins on the Fifth Wednesday after Pascha (today). My inexpert translation. Original at Analogion.


On the theme of leaping waters, here is Liszt’s “Jeuz d’Eau à la Villa D’Este”, played by Leslie Howard.


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