O Son of God, Giver of Life

MOST sweet Jesu, parted not from the bosom of thy Father, and having dwelt among those on earth as man, today thou wast taken up in glory from the mount of Olives; and having exalted our fallen nature, touched with fellow-feeling, thou madest it sit down together with thee with the Father (Eph 2:6).

Therefore the heavenly ranks of the Bodiless Powers, amazed by the wonder, were beside themselves with fear; and seized with trembling, they magnified thy love for mankind; with them we of the earth, as we glorify thy condescension toward us, and thy assumption from us, implore thee, saying:

O thou that filledst the Disciples, and the Mother of God who bore thee, with boundless joy at your assumption, at their prayers do thou make us also worthy of the joy of thine elect, through thy great mercy.

O JOYFUL Light of the holy glory of the immortal, heavenly, holy blessed Father, O Jesus Christ. Having come to the setting of the sun, having beheld the evening light, we hymn the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, God. Meet it is at all times to hymn Thee with reverend voices, O Son of God, Giver of Life, wherefore the whole world doth glorify Thee.

At Great Vespers on the Eve of the Feast of the Assumption of Christ (called the Ascension in the Western tradition). Original at Analogion.


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