The way to God’s mercy is open

WHO will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

1 Timothy 2:4


Confession and absolution in an Orthodox church

“Pardon is granted to the man who confesses, and a passage is opened to immortality.”


NOR let any one be restrained either by his sins or by his years from coming to obtain salvation.

To him who still remains in this world no repentance is too late.

The approach to God’s mercy is open, and the access is easy to those who seek and apprehend the truth.

Do you entreat for your sins, although it be in the very end of life, and at the setting of the sun of time; and implore God, who is the one and true God, in confession and faith of acknowledgment of Him, and pardon is granted to the man who confesses, and saving mercy is given from the divine goodness to the believer, and a passage is opened to immortality even in death itself.

This grace Christ bestows; this gift of His mercy He confers upon us, by overcoming death in the trophy of the cross, by redeeming the believer with the price of His blood, by reconciling man to God the Father, by quickening our mortal nature with a heavenly regeneration.

If it be possible, let us all follow Him; let us be registered in His sacrament and sign.

He opens to us the way of life; He brings us back to paradise; He leads us on to the kingdom of heaven.

Made by Him the children of God, with Him we shall ever live; with Him we shall always rejoice, restored by His own blood.

We Christians shall be glorious together with Christ, blessed of God the Father, always rejoicing with perpetual pleasures in the sight of God, and ever giving thanks to God.

For none can be other than always glad and grateful, who, having been once subject to death, has been made secure in the possession of immortality.

St Cyprian of Carthage, Treatise V, Addressed to Demetrianus, Proconsul of Africa (CCEL).


IF thou, O Lord, shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand? For with thee is forgiveness. (Ps 129[130]:3-4)

O WORD, thou art he that desirest not the death, but the repentance of all them that have so sinned against thee, O Christ and Lord, and who ever dealest mercy unto me thy servant: show compassion unto me, who repent, and who dare to beg for myself forgiveness for those evils by which I have embittered thee; for thou shalt reveal in me the depths of thy divine pity if, unworthy though I am, thou shouldst save me, O Lover of mankind.

At Vespers on Sunday Evening, Tone 6. Original at Analogion.


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