Passing laws is easy: building characters is hard

PEOPLE’S characters are not shaped by laws, but by faith. Passing laws is easy; building characters is hard.

Sarah Palin, Former Governor of the State of Alaska (Source).


Metropolitan Ignatios of Demetrias

Metropolitan Ignatios of Demetrias

TODAY, while many speak about liberty, no one is making sacrifices for her, and so the consequences are tragic.

Nobody plays his part, each claims his individual rights.

This has been going on until it has reached the point at which everyone claims rights only for himself, for his group, for what he sees as affected, and society and community are lost, which for us Greeks has constituted the very essence of our lives.

And once participation is lost, then words are all that is left, and they become grand and expansive, and the lie becomes easier; and people who are not free live like a herd, and the herd always prefers the easy lie to the bitter and difficult truth.

We in particular are living through this, in our place and our time.

We have come to prefer to live in the midst of a lie than to comprehend the reality, because we refuse the pain.

And those who had responsibility to lead this people, who knew one day there would be pain, unfortunately fed them with grand and expansive words, erected fraudulent foundations for them, shaky, on the sand; and now, everything is coming down like a house of cards.

So because we lost the liberty of this place, because we forgot to play our part in common life, we have refused the pain, refused to bear the cross of work and labor, nor have we laboured as a society and community to have real liberty.

In our monasteries, we have preserved the model of a life which is the answer to the problems that provoke despair today.

Metropolitan Ignatios of Demetrias. This is my inexpert translation. Original at Ρομφαία.


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