The Virgin is raised up in the glory of the resurrection of her Son

LET all nations clap their hands and praise the Mother of God. Let angels minister to her body.

Follow your Queen, O daughters of Jerusalem, and, together with her virgins in the spirit, approach your Bridegroom in order to sit at His right hand.

Make haste, Lord, to give Thy Mother the welcome which is her due.

Stretch out Thy divine hands. Receive Thy Mother’s soul into the Father s hands unto which Thou didst commend Thy spirit on the Cross. Speak sweet words to her:

Come, my beloved, whose purity is more dazzling than the sun, thou gavest me of thy own, receive now what is mine.

Come, my Mother, to thy Son, reign with Him who was poor with thee.

St John Damascene (+749), “On The Dormition” Sermon III, tr. Mary Allies, pp. 207-208. Source.


An icon in mosaic of the Dormition of the Mother of God

An icon in mosaic of the Dormition of the Mother of God.


O IMMACULATE, we celebrate the feast of thy Falling Asleep, in which, attended by ineffable glory, he who took flesh of thee, Christ our God, was present to receive thy spirit; and in glory didst thou cross over, not forsaking the world, but by thine intercessions protecting them that hymn thee, O Birth-giver of God.

THE multitudes of the angels glorify thee, faithfully doth the race of men hymn to thee, because thou didst cross over from earth to heaven, and art an eager advocate with thy son and God, to rescue from dangers them that in faith proclaim thy crossing over, O Virgin.

Matins in the Menaion for August 21. Source.

The second hymn above (‘The multitudes of the angels &c.’) is directed to be sung to the same melody as the hymn below.

YE faithful, let us hymn and worship the Word, who is coeval with the Father and the Spirit, who was born of the Virgin for our salvation; for it pleased him to ascend the Cross in the flesh, and undergo death; and to raise up in the glory of his resurrection them that had died.

At Vespers on the evening of the Sunday of the Blind Man. Source. These are my non-expert translations.


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