The struggle of repentance and humility is cast aside: I call upon thy tender pity

THE wilderness of the barren Church of the nations blossomed like the white lily, O Lord, at thy presence, wherein my heart was strengthened. (cf. Is 35:1 LXX)


White lily (Lilium Candidum)

White lily (Lilium Candidum)


NOW it is not what is pleasing to God or the Church that is good, but what is “progressive,” “liberal,” revolutionary; that which is “right-leaning” is the concatenation of all evils.

“It is in agreement with Marx!” – this is the highest praise for any teaching, for any opinion.

Even holy Christian doctrine is assessed on the basis of this new standard.

Thus, all of Christianity’s fundamental teaching concerning the personal struggle of repentance and humility is cast aside, while only some sort of “social teaching” is taken up and given consideration, and in it only that which one can reinterpret in a liberal-revolutionary way is approved.

Those who wrote and labored in the Church, even the great Holy Fathers, are assessed using the same debased, inferior coinage.

St Hilarion Troitsky (+1928). Source.


St Artemios the Great Martyr of Antioch (+363)

St Artemios the Great Martyr of Antioch (+363)


Today is the feast of St Artemios, the Great Martyr of Antioch (see OCA).

THY Martyr was garlanded with the crown of incorruption by thee, our God, at his contest: for possessing thy strength, he put down the tyrants, he shattered the empty insolence of the demons. At his prayers, O Christ God, save our souls.

Apolytikion on the Feast.


In 363, Artemios had the courage to stand up to the Emperor Julian “the Apostate”, who had thrown off Christianity and was trying to create a secular welfare state in its place, in the defiant belief that the political ideology of the ancient Greeks was an equal or better model of social morality.

Artemios, a high-ranking general, protested at the persecution of Christians and, despite his illustrious military career, was disgraced, tortured and finally beheaded.


DRAWN up beside the Holy Trinity, O Artemios, and made splendid in blaze of light, with them that dwell therein mayest thou look down from heaven upon them that honour thee with longing, O glorious great Martyr. As thou art a most excellent soldier of Christ, O champion, together with the Master who bore the Cross, mayest thou strive with divine weapons against enemies that love to war.


BLESSED lady, all pure, Virgin Theotokos, the Christians’ boast, the angels’ glory, the champions’ renown, mighty wall and protection, firm rampart: keep watch, and be known to be a protectress and helper in dangers for thy servants: for in thee we also boast, who hast the generalship of the world.


CLOSED about by a bottomless deep of failings, I call upon the unsearchable deep of thy tender pity: draw me out from corruption, O God. (cf. Jonah 2:5-6)

From Matins on the Feast.

My amateur translations, from Analogion.


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