The Apostles learned the ineffable things of heaven, they cured those upon the earth

THOU didst magnify in all the world, O Saviour, the names of the princes of the Apostles. They learned the ineffable things of heaven, they gave healing to those upon the earth, and their shadows alone healed the passions (Acts 5:15). The fisherman was wont to do wonders, the Jew to discourse upon the doctrines of grace*. Through them, O thou who art tender in compassion, grant unto us thy Great Mercy.

* As opposed to the Law, which is what one would normally expect.


An icon of St Peter and St Paul

“The fisherman was wont to do wonders, the Jew to discourse upon the doctrines of grace.” An icon of St Peter, a fisherman, and St Paul, who had persecuted the Christians with Jerusalem's approval.


Unto thee who dwellest in heaven have I lifted up mine eyes. Behold, as the eyes of servants are directed to the hands of their masters, and as the eyes of a maidservant to the hands of her mistress; so our eyes are directed to the Lord our God, until he have pity upon us.

WE are embattled on every side amid unrighteous deeds, and we take refuge in thee, who art truly God. We bring before thee the cry of thy Disciples, saying ‘Save us, Master, we perish’ (Lk 8:24). Shew even now unto our enemies, we beg, that thou art the shield of thy people, and savest them from perils at the prayers of the Apostles, disregarding their sins in thine abundant goodness. O Lord, glory to be thee.


HAVE mercy upon us, O Lord, have mercy upon us: for we are exceedingly filled with contempt. Yea, our soul has been exceedingly filled with it: let the reproach be to them that are at ease, and contempt to the proud.

GREAT is that glory, O ye saints, which ye have gotten for yourselves through faith! For not only have ye defeated the enemy through suffering, but also after death ye drive out spirits and heal the sick. Physicians of souls and bodies, pray to the Lord, that our souls may find mercy.


THOU art guardian, O good Lady, of all them that in faith take refuge in thy mighty hand. For we sinners have no other to pledge for us unceasingly before God in perils and afflictions, we who are bowed down under many failings, O mother of God most high. Thus we fall down before thee, to deliver thy servants from every strait.

Vespers for Thursdays, Tone 2. My amateur translations, from Analogion.


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