St Dionysius, faithful shepherd of Christ

TODAY is the feast day of St Dionysius. He was a companion of St Paul, and was later made Bishop of Athens. He is said to have been present among the Apostles when Mary reposed and was taken to heaven. St Dionysius was martyred sometime around the year 96. Pictures of 2012 celebration in Athens.


The divine liturgy in the Coptic Orthodox Church

The divine liturgy in the Coptic Orthodox Church


WHAT are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they? And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest.

And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple: and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them.

They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat.

For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

Revelation 7:9-17.


Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

EMINENT among priests and martyrs, O saint, thou wast appointed a faithful Shepherd of Christ, drinking his cup [Mt 20:20-24]; wherefore being in each office well-pleasing unto Christ himself, intercede for us all, together with them that celebrate the liturgy on high, where thou dwellest now in light.

Now and for ever, and to the ages of ages.


‘WORD of the Father, without beginning, O my son, enthroned together with the Spirit, how spreadest thou thine arms upon the tree? O thou which art more than good, what poverty of thine is this?’ cried the All-spotless Lady, as she stood beside thy crucifixion.




WORTHY is the Lamb that was slain, and hath redeemed us to God by his blood,
to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength,
and honour, and glory, and blessing.

Blessing and honour, glory and power,
be unto Him that sitteth upon the throne,
and unto the Lamb, for ever and ever.

See Revelation 5:8-14


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