All within and all around becomes light

GENTLENESS and radiance flow from him. … He is weak, like a spider’s web, and yet all-powerful.

He receives such a deluge of grace that his house of clay is overwhelmed. His feeble body can no longer endure; he overflows, is set on fire, and all within him and round him becomes light.

Vasileios, Abbot of the Iveron, speaking of a monk he knows.


Elder Joseph Vatopaidinos

“Gentleness and radiance flow from him.” Elder Joseph, Abbot of the Vatopaidi (+2009).



THOU cloud around the sun of the heart’s eyes, thou lampstand of shining gold for the divine brightness, spotless Lady, unstained, blameless in all things: I beseech thee, shine upon my darkened soul, blinded by the passions, with a shaft of dispassion, wash my defiled heart clean with streams of compunction and tears of repentance, and cleanse me of soiling, making petition for me with Christ our God, that he grant unto me, who with true devotion worship thine all holy son, forgiveness for my failings.

Matins, October 12. Source.


4 thoughts on “All within and all around becomes light

  1. Theotokion- a hymn to Mary. I had to look it up. It’s beautiful. I am praying for the Holy Spirit to help me deepen my devotion to Mother Mary, and I found this hymn very inspiring! It really draws my heart and soul closer to her presence. Thank you!

  2. I’m so glad – that really means a lot me. The liturgy is full of these little hymns. The ones called Cross-Theotokion I find especially moving, because they speak of Mary’s mix of joy and pain seeing her son redeem us by his blood (rather like the Stabat Mater). It helps remind me how much love she has for us, since she was willing to go through it for us, and also how much she longs to help each one of us to benefit from the love and sacrifice of her son.

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