Never failing storehouse of healings that have no price

CRUEL illnesses test me, and passions most damaging,
help me, I beseech you, O Virgin, aid me, all-blameless one,
for I know you to be
the inexhaustible treasure,
never failing storehouse, of healings that have no price.

Little Paraklisis. Source.


The Church of the Panagia Evangelistria on Tinos. © Hans Peter Schaefer, Wikimedia Commons. Licensed for reuse. Click for original.

The Church of the Panagia Evangelistria on Tinos. © Hans Peter Schaefer, Wikimedia Commons. Licensed for reuse. Click for original.


From Agioritiko Vima.

Six Miracles In One Day

EVERY year on August 15, when the church of Tinos has its feast day, one or more miracles cannot fail to happen.

In 1969, six miracles happened.

The first three were described by the newspaper Ethnos of 16/08/1969 as follows.

“Two paralysed people and a deaf person unable to speak recovered their health yesterday in Tinos.

She who is Full of Grace (the Megalochari) cured a twenty year old girl who had been bedridden for years, a four year old boy born paralysed, and a deaf person who was also unable to speak.

At night-time the day before yesterday, about 18,000 spent the night around the Church of the Megalochari, or slept on the cobblestone streets, awaiting the procession of the Icon of the Panagia.

Thousands of people joined their prayers with their relatives of those who had been cured, once the miracles were made known.

Vassiliki A., 21, was bedridden, paralysed in the lower limbs for seven years after an accident. Yesterday, at the moment when the icon of the Megalochari passed over her,
she got up and walked.

The four year old Argyris M. was born paralysed. Yesterday he too, at the time when passing the icon over him, got up and walked.

Deaf and unable to speak for years, Eugenia, wife of Nicholas B., came to the island from Hulm in Germany, to beg the Megalochari to find her health again for her. Mary indeed gave back to her that most precious blessing.”

The next day, the newspapers wrote about another three miracles, that followed on from the others. The newspaper Ethnos of 18/08/1969 wrote:

“And fourth miracle happened on Friday, on the feast of the Megalochari of Tinos. The 4-year old Argyris Emmanuel M. was paralysed in both legs. The doctors at PIKPA [a children’s hospital in Athens] had pronounced him incurable.

But … on 15th August, the time of procession of the icon of the Panagia, he spread himself out in the middle of the road where the Litany was to pass, and just as the wonder-working icon passed over he immediately rose up and began to walk quite normally.

He ran full of happiness, and spread himself out again on the road, so the icon would pass over him a second time. At last little Argyris, after four years, walks normally today.

These miracles happened in front of tens of thousands of people, before judicial and military and police authorities.”

Source. Slightly edited.

Official Website of the Panagia of Tinos Church.


Most holy Mother of God, save us.


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