Seek for me, O Master

WE venerate thy immaculate icon, O Good One, as we ask forgiveness for our failings, O Christ God; for with full consent it pleased thee to go up upon the Cross in thy flesh, to deliver what thou hast made from servitude to the enemy; therefore, we cry out gratefully to thee: When thou wast among us to save the world, our Saviour, then didst thou fill all things with joy.

Fridays, Tone 2. Source.


An icon of Christ the Good Shepherd

An icon of Christ the Good Shepherd


THOU that didst illumine earthly things by the Cross, and call sinners to repentance, do not separate me from thy flock, O good Shepherd, but seek for me O Master, the one astray, and number me together with thy holy flock, thou who alone art good and lovest mankind.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
Both now and forever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.


O VIRGIN Theotokos, highly glorified, of thee we sing. For through the Cross of thy son, Hades was overthrown, and death hath died utterly, and we though we had died we were raised, and made worthy of life. Paradise we gained, the ancient delight. Therefore in gratitude we glorify Christ our God, mighty and alone rich in mercy.

Fridays, Tone 2. Source.


THOU Shepherd of Israel, and mine,
The joy and desire of my heart,
For closer communion I pine,
I long to reside where thou art:
The pasture I languish to find
Where all, who their Shepherd obey,
Are fed, on thy bosom reclined,
And screened from the heat of the day.

Ah! show me that happiest place,
The place of thy people’s abode,
Where saints in an ecstasy gaze,
And hang on a crucified God;
Thy love for a sinner declare,
Thy passion and death on the tree:
My spirit to Calvary bear,
To suffer and triumph with thee.

‘Tis there, with the lambs of thy flock,
There only, I covet to rest,
To lie at the foot of the rock,
Or rise to be hid in thy breast;
‘Tis there I would always abide,
And never a moment depart,
Concealed in the cleft of thy side,
Eternally held in thy heart.

Charles Wesley


2 thoughts on “Seek for me, O Master

  1. I once had a bichon frise that looks like a lamb. I remember how precious he was to me, and then I think about how much more precious I am to Jesus! I like being his little lamb, and he does take good care of me!

    Thank you for yet another beautiful post!

  2. Thank you, lilyboat! I was thinking only the other day, how our relationship with animals, the happiness it brings us to look after something so essentially helpless, ought to teach us a lot about God’s love for us. The Elders’ loving prayer and inner peace of the Spirit means they often have very close relationships with animals, from birds to wolves.

    It’s is a most moving image, Shepherd and sheep, and of course full of significance because of the way it is used in the Old Testament too. And this poem of Charles Wesley’s speaks to the heart every time.

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