It is written: ‘I am God who makes peace’

TO invoke Jesus continually with a sweet longing is to fill the heart in its great attentiveness with joy and tranquility.

But it is Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Himself God, cause and creator of all blessings, who completely purifies the heart; for it is written: ‘I am God who makes peace’  (cf. Isa 45:7).

St Hesychios the Priest, On Watchfulness and Holiness, Written for Theodoulos.


AS thou wast made a bright vessel of the Spirit, Obadiah, and illumined by him wast enriched with a prophetic life of great godliness, and with foreknowledge of things to come, and with knowledge of the truth, intercede now with him, that unto our souls be peace and the Great Mercy given.

FILLED with the light that knoweth no evening, and beholding the glory which is beyond mind and soul’s sight, and being a godly interpreter beside the Master of all, O blest Obadiah, intercede with him, that unto our souls be peace and the Great Mercy given.

AS thou, O lady of God’s grace, art the palace which bore the Light of the Master, and the cloud about the Light which dawned from thy womb, Lady untainted, bring light upon our souls and minds, and making every snare of the treacherous one vanish away by thy intercession, O Virgin, make our thoughts strong.

From today’s liturgy, the feast of the Prophet Obadiah. Source.

Obadiah’s short prophecy is a plea to stand by Israel in the day her enemies come up against her.


LORD, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace : according to thy word.
For mine eyes have seen : thy salvation,
Which thou hast prepared : before the face of all people;
To be a light to lighten the Gentiles : and to be the glory of thy people Israel.


2 thoughts on “It is written: ‘I am God who makes peace’

  1. I just read Obedia. So much has been told and forewarned!

    Of all the titles of honour we call Jesus, my favorite is “Prince of Peace” The peace from God is truly not of this world. It is enough to sustain us through any hard times!

  2. That whole passage from Isaiah is just so moving, especially if you are as mad about Handel’s Messiah as I am!

    I have benefited so much from videos of the Elders on YouTube, because you can see in them, in their faces, their smiles, their tears of bitter joy, what the ‘peace of God which passeth all understanding’ actually looks like, in someone who has truly tasted and seen it.

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